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Regarding the subject of giving cats in America their freedom comes this response from Diana Fineran,

"To your member who won't sell a cat to anyone who does not allow outside access; I have lived in five States in the U.S. and I must qualify her response. I would NEVER allow any of my cats outside in the sub zero weather of Wisconsin, the heat and humidity of Texas, Tennessee and Georgia, nor the constant rain of Washington State. These extremes go on for months, so common sense must be used. During those times, my cats get "outside access" through large picture windows (we have a bird feeder placed just outside the window), and in glassed/screened in porches. With coyotes, traffic, disease and other hazards, I always am cautions. This is a different world we live in!"

By Sheelagh Le Cocq

I do however believe that if we are to give our Siamese freedom, they must be of the "Traditional" type and not modern. My own old Siamese would grow thick wooly coats in winter and were quite happy in snow.

Kay Hill, a well-known breeder, many years ago recalls her cats roaming the Yorkshire Moors and rolling in the snow like dogs. She deplores the fact that modern Siamese have been bred with fine coats. One only has to read the article by Betty White in the American Magazine "Cat Fancy" to see that they want modern show cats to have thin fine fur rather than the plush coats of old.

Modern Siamese would not survive extremely cold temperatures, but certainly in this country, sub-zero temperatures are rare. We are not talking of shutting the cats out in the cold either, but of giving them the freedom of choice. My cats have freedom of choice. My cats have freedom by means of a cat flap, in winter they rarely go out. In summer they rarely come in and often choose to sleep out.


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