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When I came across the article below, I was fascinated and managed to trace all my cats, past and present, to Roundway Ourisia, who although he was not famous in his lifetime or a Champion, was the founder of most of the cats today. Try tracing your pedigrees back and I have no doubt that you will find that he is at the back of most if not all of them.

Although he has disappeared off the end of modern pedigrees, Roundway Ourisia was an important stud cat. He did not sire many winning cats himself. (Ch Pi-Den Cupid and Chianti, and CH Kirash Fiesta are the only ones I know of), but these together with Karibur Jarna, Karibur Kemba and Donna ensured that most cats today have Roundway Ourisia as an ancestor. For Donna was the dam of CH Killdown Rearguard and GR CH Killdown Beauregard;; Killdown Rearguard sired GR CH Kaloke Kuna, while Killdown Beauregard sired GR CH Penyrallt Picasso (sire of GR CH Amberseal Electo sire of GR CH Okesha Star Galaxy sire of SUP GR CH Zachary Apollo), and CH Seadog Rickadoo (sire of Ch Loviniamist Cavalier). Karibur Jarna was the dam of GR CH Sislinki Topsun, who was the grandsire of CH Vaillencourt Solomon. Karibur Kemba was the sire of CH Druries Febronius, from whom are descended GR CH Simone Strawberries, GR CH Livrabar Strawman, GR CH Chaiross Androcles, and Simone Semolina Silkpaws. Kirash Fiesta was the dam of GR CH Kirash Tamsin, who was the dam of Maytime Larissa (dam of Maytime Angelo who was the sire of GR CH Harlyquin) and Maytime Landucci (sire of Gracelands Zamandra, so ancestor of most of the many Zenobia champions), And from Pi-Den Cupid are descended CH Kimoki Dagmar (so GR CH Kaprico Rhinegold and GR CH Pentangle Beauman), GR CH Kaprico Iceberg and CH Sandras Pancho (sire of GR CH Frenchelle Coeur de Lion.

It is pleasing to hear that Roundway Ourisia had a happy retirement as a loved pet, and that he lived to be 16. This must be a good thing to have behind our cats.