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By Sheelagh Le Cocq

In the last edition we left our Code of Conduct with our litter of kittens. Before they go to their new homes, they have to be registered with one of the cat organizations. There are currently two, The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (G.C.C.F.) and the Cat Association (C.A.).

The G.C.C.F. is the more well known organization and has been running for many years. They are responsible for the majority of shows in Britain, including the Supreme and National Shows. All show cats should be registered with the G.C.C.F. Pets, cats for breeding purposes and cats which can not be shown; either, like Traditional Siamese, because they would do nothing on the show bench, or because they are a new breed not yet recognized by the G.C.C.F. can be registered with the C.A. Anyone who wishes to import or export a cat should register with the C.A., as they are affiliated to F.I.F.E., the Governing Body of the Cat Fancy on the European continent, and the transfer can be done easily.

Please note that although a cat registered with the G.C.C.F. may be shown at a C.A. show, anyone doing so will be disciplined and banned by the G.C.C.F.

  1. Why do I need a prefix?
  1. Most established breeders have their own prefix. This is the Cattery name by which their cats are known. Many become very famous, and you will have read in previous issues about prefixes. If your cats do well they will go down in history with a prefix that will bring your name to mind, i.e. Killdown, Penyrallt, Shermese.
  1. Where do I get my prefix from?
  1. You will need to purchase your cattery name from the governing body you choose before your kittens are born and it is adviable to apply for it as soon as possible. A current cattery name will cost you L50.00 with the G.C.C.F. and L40.00 with the C.A. The C.A. will also accept suffixes, the G.C.C.F. won't.
  1. What do I do if I don't want to purchase a prefix?
  1. If you want to register with the G.C.C.F., they will automatically attach their chosen prefix of the year to your choice of name. In 1996 all Siamese whose owners did not have their own prefix were given ADQUAAM. In 1997 it will be ADWELAM.
  1. What will I need to fill in on the form?
  1. You will need to list your choice of names, 1 or 2 words, not exceeding 16 letters. Many people who want to use a name with more than 1 or 2 words (excluding the prefix) run the words together, i.e. BandofGold, PrinceofThieves. List many more names than you have kittens. Many may be rejected.

You will also need to decide if you want your kittens to go for breeding or as pets only. If you are happy for them to be used for breeding you will need to register them on the active register. If you have doubts, you will need to register them on the non-active register. The kittens can always be transferred from non-active at a later date, when you have come to know the new owner and his/her motives better.

  1. How much will it cost me to register the kittens?
  1. The G.C.C.F. charge L4.00 per kitten, if you have your own prefix. L60.00 without.

The C.A. will charge L5.00, but with your registration you will receive a computer printed pedigree to hand to the new owner, which will save you the trouble of writing your own pedigree out.

  1. How long will it take? How old must the kittens be before I can register them?
  1. Registration can take 3-4 weeks. You therefore need to register them as soon as you know what color they are. The C.A. say that at present they have no time limit, though they are considering one. G.C.C.F. rules are over one month, under two years.
  1. How do i register if I am not sure what color the kittens will be?

A. If you can ,get an experienced breeder to check and advise you. If that is impossible, you will have to sue your own judgement. If it is wrong, it can be changed later, though this will be extremely difficult. If you are a C.A. member you can take your kittens to a show and have a color assessment carried out by two judges.


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