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There has been a lot of feedback from items mentioned in the "Debate" section, which seems to be very popular.

Firstly on the subject of spraying. It never ceases to amaze me where cats decide to spray and we have some outstanding examples this time.

Once again, my own cats take dome beating. Justin, my old-fashioned boy, sprayed on the front room curtains. What's original about that you may say, curtains being a popular spot to mark out territory. Only the fact that below our curtains is a night storage heater. It dripped down into the heater so that every time it got hot in the early hours of the morning, the smell rose and filled the house to such an extent that it woke us up. We were forced to switch the heater off completely (this happened in mid-Winter) and it will stay like that until my husband finds the time to strip and clean it out.

Sue has written to say that one of her cats sprayed in the heater grille of her car. When she and her husband went out for a drive, the smell was overpowering. He wasn't amused.

A letter from Sandra in Scotland gives two examples, the first was in the writer's husband's lunchbox, which he took to work. She doesn't say if he ate the sandwiches or not!!

The second was on the writer's St. John Ambulance uniform, which she had to wear to duty that day. She was actually wearing it when it happened, and smelled it all day.

Finally, one of my own cats sprayed in the large file where I keep all my T.S.C.A. correspondence. How it penetrated I don not know, but a number of letters and one photo were affected. The smell was so bad that I was forced to photocopy the letters and throw the originals away.


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