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Closing the Window

When using this type of "containerless" popup window, always be certain to provide a means of closing the window (such as the 'close' shown at top and bottom right in this window) since IE will no longer show the usual title bar (Netscape will).

Since the IE version is presented in a synthesized frameset, the more common self.close() or window.close() attached to a link may not work correctly.

Instead, try using this...

Automatically Opening the Popup

If you want to have the popup window open automatically when your page is entered, you can add this to your <body> tag:


Formatting the Look of the Popup Window

You can use all your standard formatting techniques in the page loaded into the popup window (such as the page you are viewing in this window right now).  For instance, this page uses <style> features to set the color of the scrollbar (IE5.5+ only), link behavior, borders, etc.