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shoutBOX - Set-up

a) Installation

1) Unzip the downloaded file (WinZip) into a directory that is ready for uploading.

2) Open up your FTP client (SmartFTP) and navigate to your domain. Upload the shoutBOX folder that you unzipped, and then CHMOD data.dat to '0777' (To CHMOD right click the selected file).

3) To include the board on your webpage use the following code: ZIE VOORBEELD OP:/shoutbox/index.html

<iframe frameborder=0 src="" width="130" height="450"> </iframe>

Substitute "" with the suitable path to the shoutbox directory.
Lees hier alles over het gebruik van een <iframe>

b) Customisation

Open up board.php with a text editor and edit the variables at the top of the page. Example:

This is the default setting: $color1 = "#FFFFFF";
Can be changed like: $color1 = "#FFCC00";

Do not change anything else! Only between the speach marks!

You are now set! Dont forget to include the iframe code to include the box on your webpage!

d) Notes

Visit for updates of the scrpt.

If you require any help for the script please check our site or contact us on the following address:


1) DO NOT modify the script and re-distribute it.

2) DO NOT remove the copyright from the pages.

3) holds no responsibility for faults that may occur. You use this at your own risk.

e) Upgrading

If you are running an older version of shoutBOX and would like to upgrade to the new version, upload the new board.php file and overwrite the old one. All of your old messages will be kept.

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